Co-owners, Sally Mason (left) and Cate Davis (right)

Co-owners, Sally Mason (left) and Cate Davis (right)

As longtime residents of the area, Cate Davis and Sally Mason met in high school and became fast friends. After years of friendship and experiences in the retail world, they jumped at the opportunity to open their own shop in Skaneateles, New York.

That was May 2003, and they have never looked back.

As Graduates of Syracuse University (Cate) and Cornell University (Sally), they have combined experience and talents in retailing, fashion, finance and management, which offers their customers a unique and personal shopping experience.

In order to bring the "best of the best" to their customers, they travel all across the U.S. to create and present a unique collection of clothing and accessory designers. “Made in the U.S.A” is very important to the business and Cate and Sally are constantly searching for new local labels.

For a list of designers featured in the store, click here.

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